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La Z Boy

What we did

  • Storyboarding
  • Production
  • Directing
  • Post-Production


  • Director: Barry Fawcett
  • DOP: John Blick
  • Executive Producer: Rob Steele
  • Creative: In Motion / Client
  • Production & Post: In Motion

With an experienced team in all areas of production, In Motion offers cost effective solutions to create totally integrated campaigns.

The Task

Our long-term relationship with La Z Boy New Zealand has resulted in In Motion becoming an extension of the client’s team. As the production arm, In Motion were commissioned to create a suite of eight television commercials, social media content and print assets to help refresh and modernise the brand…All with a budget that allowed for just two days shooting. Quite a task!

The Solution

Based around global strategy, In Motion worked with client scripts that required three different styles of home including a loft style apartment. The obvious solution was to find three different locations. However budget restrictions precluded this tack and other ways needed to be investigated. Our producers, after careful and canny costing, recommended that it would be more beneficial, in every way, to create room sets. It was believed that having all three rooms ready to go meant material for everything required could be shot simultaneously resulting in the client being able to maximize their production budget. Unfortunately there are no studios in Auckland big enough for three sets of this size at once, so two studios were commissioned, giving La Z Boy the opportunity to get exactly the looks they wanted, the In Motion crew more flexibility around shooting angles plus faster set-up times that saved at least a day’s shoot time. The footage was then cut together by In Motion’s in-house post team. Because of an imminent trip to the world La Z Boy sales conference the week following the shoot, a lot of midnight oil was burnt and caffeine drunk to meet the deadline.

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