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AA Life


  • Director: Jessica Justice
  • DOP: Adam Clarke
  • Creative: Billy Hawley, Rainger & Rolfe
  • Executive Producer: Rob Steele

A safe pair of hands for one of New Zealand’s most trusted brands In Motion’s knowledge and access to the right people for the job allow clients to enjoy high production values well beyond normal budget expectations.

The Task

The script from award winning agency Rainger and Rolfe required high production values to reflect the high brand values of their client AA Life. It also required a beautiful, location to encapsulate the New Zealand-ness of the brand. More than a little careful and lateral thinking was required to make it financially possible to take the large crew needed to shoot talent, including two children, with multiple set ups in a remote area of New Zealand for a one day shoot.

The Solution

Simply put…planning, experience and extensive pre-production. The logistics for accommodation, catering and transportation for a long one day shoot, in a isolated location with limited access were a huge challenge. This behind the scenes video makes the shoot look easy. On the day it was - thanks to the careful pre-production the producers at In Motion insisted on. We believed that one of the things that would contribute most to the success of the project was experience. Crew selection was critical. Jessica Justice, reknown for her immaculate planning and her work with children and Adam Clarke for his ability to capture beautiful images under the pressure of constantly changing conditions were selected as Director and DOP. The crew carefully chosen on the basis of previous knowledge gained from shooting in similar out of the way places and for their ability to think on their feet. Attitude was most important. In Motion wanted crew who could add value and show initiative. In pre-production, nothing was left to “winging it on the day”. Every ‘i’ was dotted and ‘t’ crossed in an endeavor to cover all likelihoods. Strict time schedules were put in place and endless lists of requirements were made including different size ‘bumps’ to ensure our pregnant talent looked the right amount of pregnant! The footage was then cut together, graded and graphics animated by In Motion’s in-house post team.

The Result

In Motion delivered a high quality brand TV commercial with numerous direct response adaptations that went well beyond the expectations of Rainger and Rolfe and their client, AA Life.

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